Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got Transfered

Hello All,
I finally got transfered to Evansville, Indiana. See my new address on the side of the blog. This is my first transfered since I have been on my mission for 6 months. I love my new area it's awsome. Even though the past 2 days were like the worst days ever. We had such a crasy week. I got settled in and everything and it was good. I had hard time to figuring out the roads and I felt lost the whole time riding behind my companion. Last friday was our weekly planning we felt we should go see an investigator that lived near by and when we got ready I noticed that my bike had a flat in it. No biggy so we left and saw the investigator. Then I try to fix the bike with a patch and it would not hold it. Three times I did it and still not fix. It is frustrating because we had another appointment that we missed because of it. We then called a member to take us home and then it was time for dinner then we walked to the investigator and she had to cancel the dinner and had to go to see the doctor. So bike not working, missed some appointment, no dinner, etc.. we went back home and try to have a good humor about this day the Lord will bless us abundantly in some way my companion illustrated. But anyways long story short we finally fix my bike and the next day we had the most productive day. We visit every potential investigator and they were home and invited us in. We talked to so many people that day and it was amazing how perfect the timing was the the Lord placed us in. It was definitely a blessing so the real try of your faith is to keep on going even when everything seems unfair. I love traveling around to new places on the mission and seeing the new people. We are going to do some great things in this area. I can feel it.
I love you all and hope you have a great week, keep it real and safe. I know that Heavenly Father is working hard in watching over my family.

Elder Todd