Monday, October 5, 2009


From: Reihia Todd (
Sent: Mon 10/05/09 3:44 PM

Dear Family, I'm doing well, I'm so glad conference came, I finally get some spiritual uplifting for myself for a change and its for two days. Missionary work is doing ok, thnks dad for your letter, I'm glad to hear that everything is doing well with you all. So let me begin with an Update for the Week which you can pass along to others in the family or whoever. I think I'm going to do this now on, a weekly upday.Weekly Update: So this week was like the worst ever for me so far, it wasn't a good week for finding, I'm still optimistic. I guess i'm starting to see the challenges of missionery work. Tuesday was a downer, we had to drop a strong potential, she's the one who came to church and seemed so strong, but her understanding of Gospel truths just was her problem and out of no where she just wanted us to stop coming over, so we did that, i guess that's how it goes, it's kind of frustrating though. The rest of the week was about the same, we managed to find one new investigator, taught her the lesson, but wasn't able to recontact her later that week. I'm still praying to find a strong investigator one who we can contact on a regular bases and one who will keep commitments. Tough to find. Anyways we had some crazy people as well, this one guy was cursing at us while we were going to see someone in an apartment and kept on saying we can't be there, then he gave an empty threat to call the police, I'm kind of used to that by now. it's pretty funny, I was glad though to have conference, it was like our days of rest, until the next one. There was some awesome talks especially in Priesthood session huh dad. Well, guys, just keep praying for me cause I'm still praying for you guys. I still believe there's someone out there who is truly ready. So that's the update, Dad I'm glad that I can be out here on a mission, I'm glad I can be a good example to my brothers and sisters whom I love, yes I love them...I know it's's okLOl Anyways I just wanted to take this time to say thank you parents for always leading me the right way or at least trying to, and for always loving and supporting me. I am truly blessed to be apart such a wonderful family. Dad you have been on a mission before, how would you deal in a situation that I am in right now with finding not so good investigators and having to drop them because of them not keeping commitments? It's kind of my struggle right now? Oh Dad I wanted to say thank you for always setting a good example and for showing me the way to true happiness in this life through the gospel and always being there at the cross roads in my life. Thankyou. Anyways, Brandon that's awesome you got you drivers license, it's got to be awesome to be able to drive aroung huh. How's school doing and football and such, people here still can't believe that I'm the oldest compared to you. Also it's pretty funny how crazy the UK Fans are here in Lexington. It's like their religion but their football team isn't that good...Well I hope everything is doing good, and remember Ballards talk i think in priesthood. So Vai how are you are things with school, sports, etc..., how are you and Tehani dealing with her first time in school at different places? Well I hope my sisters are doing well. Teva and Ethan, ....there not much to say, next, just are you guys doing and your friends. Is Teva doing better with his attitude huh Mom? Oh are you guys excited for holloween, I think i'm going to go as a missionary what do you think? Well I love you guys a lot, thanks for the support. I got a letter from Deon's, tell them thanks, I loved the pictures, also the letters that heather wrote. So it's looks like Kevin is doing better, tell him from me that I'm still thinking about him. Tell Kevin Richards thank you for all he has done for me and how he has been a good role model and a friend for me in my life, and tell him how greatful I am for the service he gave me and to our ward, I am proud to have known him. Well finally time is always short, but I Love you guys always, and I pray that you have a good week, and i bear testimony that i deeply and truely know that this church is true, like Holland said, there's no reason why I would be out here unless i knew it was true, that it is worth fighting for. I love you all once again and I know you can only find happiness in this lie through our Savior. Just let him in. You guys have a good week.
Love Elder Todd

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got Mail!!

Dear Mom and Dad, my Awesome Bros. and Sis. of mine, and Family in Tahiti

I'm doing great here in Kentucky, we arrived at the airport and the first thing we do once we found the Mission Pres. was to give a Book of Mormon in order to get our luggage, That was our first experience as real missionaries, now I can say I had the experience. So after that we went to the mission home, there was 19 of us. I know that's a lot of us.
The mission home was so nice, Kentucky style home, there was like boarding rooms downstairs and pianos and stuff, it was nice. There wasn't enough room so I slept with four other people in sleeping bags,, anyways we got briefed on stuff and had dinner. Then we had devotional down stairs with the mission Pres. ,his councilors and the AP's an two other missionaries who were going home in two days. We all bore our testimonies. I said one of my main reasons why I'm a missionary is to be a good example for my siblings...after we bore our testimonies we went to bed. The next day we went to the stake center in Louisville to get our new companion.
My companion is Elder Rhoton, he's a track/cross country runner like me, we got along great. We said goodbye to all the missionaries that were leaving home in two days. It was awesome. I got Kaity's blanket at the office there. Then we took pictures with the Mission Pres., you should be getting the pictures soon. Then I said bye to my MTC buds and we went off to our area. My first area is in the Tates Creek, Lexington area West side. Oh by the way, the weather here has been amazingly nice, tons of green all over, it's ridiculous, and the horse ranches here are sooo huge and look sooo nice and expensive. The grass here has like calcium in it which is good for horse and is only grown here. I'm staying in a members home, the Krebb's Family, they're awesome. We then went to go see if I should buy a bike, but I decided to use a used one but we had to fix it up a bit, that took a while, then we went off to going to appointments and I.Q.'s, I was surprisingly pretty open to that, I wasn't afraid to talk to people and we were on bikes, easy to get away from danger. We did that till nine, and we found a good amount of people. It's callled the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission, Gotta Know you Love'M...Anyways that was my first day.
Today Wednesday the 9th by the way, I didn't get the chance to send emails on Monday, but throughout that week I learned sooo much about the mission here and it's been such a humbling experience, all is well and I'm working hard. Everyday we find at least 15 people as potentials, we got kicked out of an apartment place, but we will be back in a week. I experienced my first Kentucky rain storm on Monday, then got rained on yesterday, actually yesterday is what I want to tell you about. It was awesome, none of our appointments were there, and we weren't finding that much, but that morning we got our first referral and we went to check on her and give her a Lamb of God DVD. Right before we gave the lesson, she told us how she was dealing with personal problems and it was tearing her life apart and she was looking for a way out, she used to be a potential investigator a month ago but was dropped, then we got that referral, and that whole day we both were sooo tired and sweating and we wanted to take a break but we kept on going, biking takes a lot out of you, but if we hadn't talked to her we would have missed that opportunity, we set a baptismal date for her and gave her a priesthood blessing. What was also amazing and how our Lord always watches over us, 2 min. after the lesson a storm came in quick and we got rained on, we taught her outside by the way. So she got in and then it rained, the lord has never been so close in my life than he has been on my Mission for me. It's amazing all those experiences that we have everyday that build my testimony and faith in my Savior. There's a lot more I want to say but I don't have time sooo I hope all is well at home and everything is doing good with school and I will be sure to hear from you next week.
I love you guys soooo much and pray for you guys everyday. I pray a lot on the mission. Mom can you tell Kaity that I got her emails and that I sent her a letter yesterday with a tape? I'm so Sad to hear that Bishop isn't doing so well and I will be sure to keep him and his family in my prayers...I hope that he will be alright. Love you all sooo much,....,

Love Elder Todd

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st Area: Lexington Kentucky

Elder Todd left Salt Lake City on Monday August 31st at 7:30AM and arrived safely at about 3 pm in Louisville Kentucky. All the missionaries were given the challenge to give a Book of Mormon to someone at the airport before going to the mission home, which they did. They enjoyed an evening of paperwork, interviews with President Glende, dinner, and a testimony meeting before retiring to bed early (9:30 pm).

Yesterday afternoon, after training at the mission home, They went to the chapel next to the mission office where Elder Todd met his first companion in the Mission Field, Elder Rhoton. They will be working in Lexington, Kentucky. After lunch and photos all the new missionaries left for their proselyting area to begin their adventure.

For your information, Monday is preparation day when the missionaries check their e-mail and write home.

Thanks for your love, encouragement and support of Elder Todd!

Sister and President Glende with Elder Todd and Elder Rhoton

The group of arriving missionaries (left to right, 1st row: Elder Smith, Elder Maxfield, Elder Leano, Elder Eyres, President & Sister Glende, Sister Escamilla; 2nd row: Elder Bischoff, Elder Jarvis, Elder Miller, Elder Naylor, Elder Platt, Elder Tuescher, Elder Pratt; 3rd row: Elder Walton, Elder Cope, Elder Todd, Elder Fielding, Elder Cockburn).

Lexington is known as "The Horse Capital Of The World"

Mary Ann Todd wife to Abraham Lincoln

Elder Todd is related to Mary Ann Todd.

The house in Lexington where she lived with her family from 1832 until 1839 is now the Mary Todd Lincoln House museum.

Mary Ann Todd was born in 1818 in Lexington, Kentucky to Robert Smith Todd and Eliza Parker. Her father, Robert Todd, was a successful businessman and Whig politician; her grandfather, Levi Todd, was one of Lexington’s founders. Her mother died when she was six. In 1832, her father and his new wife moved the family to this brick house on West Main Street. Mary lived here until she was 21. In 1839 she moved to Springfield, Illinois to live with her sister Elizabeth where she met Abraham Lincoln. They were married in 1842. She and Abraham Lincoln visited the house several times. Today, family pieces and period antiques as well as personal possessions of Mary Todd are on display. The late Georgian style brick house was built in 1803 to 1806, and includes a period herb and perennial garden in the back yard.

Brief History about Lexington Kentucky

When European settlers arrived on the scene, the Bluegrass region was in use as a hunting ground for numerous Native American tribes. Daniel Boone was one of the first Anglo-Saxons to explore the area. He helped establish Kentucky's first forts in Harrodsburg and Boonesborough.

Lexington was founded in 1775, seventeen years before Kentucky became a state. William McConnell and a group of frontier explorers were camped at a natural spring when word came from nearby Fort Boonesboro that the first battle of the American Revolution had been fought in Lexington, Massachusetts. In honor of the battle, the group named their site “Lexington”. By 1820, Lexington, Kentucky, was one of the largest and wealthiest towns west of the Allegheny Mountains. So cultured was its lifestyle, our city soon gained the nickname "Athens of the West."


Fayette County consists of 283 square miles of gently rolling plateau in the center of the inner Bluegrass Region. The area is noted for its beauty, fertile soil, excellent pastureland and horse and stock farms. Poa Pratensis (bluegrass) thrives on the limestone beneath the soil's surface, playing a major role in the area's scenic beauty and in the development of champion horses. Numerous small creeks rise and flow into the Kentucky River.


The latest U.S. Census estimate for Lexington-Fayette County is 270,789 (2006). The estimated population of the metropolitan statistical area (MSA), which is comprised of Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Jessamine, Madison, Scott, and Woodford counties, is 424,778.

Places of Worship

There are over 230 churches and synagogues in Lexington, representing 38 denominations as well as mosques and a Hindu temple.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dinner at the Roof and MTC

Elder Todd with his lovely parents having dinner at the Roof

Music is his passion

Temple session early in the morning at the Bountiful Temple before going to the MTC. Elder Todd with his mama.

On Wednesday August 12t Elder Todd went to the MTC. Elder Todd with his family minus Vaitiare who was at girls camp.

Bye bye Elder Todd see ya in two years!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Called to Serve to Kentucky Louisville Mission

As of this morning I am now Elder Todd a Full Time Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints.

On August 25th 2009 I was Endowed in the Los Angeles CA Temple

Me and my Dad

Uncle Deon, Grandma Todd, Me, Mom, and Dad

Will be serving in the Kentucky Louisville Mission from August 2009-August 2011
Under President Steven Glende from SLC, UT